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How can data be used to answer research questions or define a Machine Learning problem and propose a solution to improve the health of patients and population.

A data mining workflow as shown below will help us answer the above question. We will walk through an example using the data mining workflow.

Fig 1. Data Mining Workflow

Step 1 — Research Question

What factors contributing to health care expenditures will help identify what sort of programs to implement to reduce future expenditures for the elderly.

Step 2 — Data Source

The data comes from the 2005 Medical Expenditures Panel Survey. …

There is a growing pressure on police departments and politicians in the United States to do something about the increased rate of police brutality. Discussions to address police brutality include ideas from reforming law enforcement tactics to defunding or complete abolishment of the police department.

The purpose of this analysis to understand if defunding police reduces or increases crime rates?

I analyzed crime and expense data from Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics (UCR) and State & Local finance data from the Urban Institute for the period 2000 to 2014. …

Narayana Bandhi

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